SHEEZUS by Lily Allen May 01 2014, 0 Comments

Back in 2009 Lily Allen released It's Not Me, It's You, which had the catchiest song (and song title): Fuck You (Very Much). It pretty much became a gay anthem for about a month because of it's (dare I say it) fuck you attitude to anti-gay bigots and racists. 


Five years later she's singing another catchy-as-fuck sermon about feminism entitled Hard Out Here. Albeit, the video and lyrics came under fire about it's anti-feminist, fairly racist undertones, but COME ON PEOPLE!! IT'S SATIRE. Not only is she poking fun and putting a spotlight on the objectification of women in pop music, she's also saying way too much about our boys AND GIRLS in the hip hop industry. She even states the obvious double standard about calling sexually active women "sluts" and people not "fussing" about guys talking about their "bitches." The message basically boils down to this: the pop music media machine is an evil sexist piece of shit. It's not a new concept, but god damn you can shake your ass to that song!


Her second single Air Balloon is just adorable candy pop. She gained some serious street cred (as if she needs any) on Our Time saying she wears Kenzo (one of our favorites) but doesn't take Benzo. Whatever that means. And then of course the obviously referential Sheezus. I'm not entirely sure of the message of the song but it's cute nonetheless. Unfortunately like her previously album the other songs kind of seem to blend together without many standout tracks. And though it doesn't bother me too much, does her voice sort of just sound that way or did they auto-tune the fuck out of this album?


I'd say a solid 5 out of 10.